Hertford Oktoberfest

Oktoberfest is coming to Hertford!

Our sustainable farming system and values

Goldings rare breed farm: Regenerative Sustainable farming In harmony with nature Our sustainable farming system and values Our native...


For over 150 years Watercress has been farmed at Goldings Estate we are currently restoring the historic Watercress beds...

Our Dexter Cattle

Experts say that if Aberdeen Angus is like a fine wine then Dexter is the champagne of beef...[Read More]

Unique Luxury Glamping

or the first time in the Farms history (records we have go back 350 years) we are opening this magnificent land to the public for specific e

Venue Hire

Fancy having your big day in the idyllic setting of Goldings Estate Farm? Perhaps you can think of a better venue, but we can't! Get in...