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Our sustainable farming system and values

Goldings rare breed farm:


Sustainable farming

In harmony with nature

Our sustainable farming system and values

Our native and rare breed mixed livestock are slow grown on a pasture only diet.

The future of farming is clearly in locally sourced and slaughter food, with an emphasis on exceptional animal welfare.

Find out about pasture fed meat and the numerous health and environmental benefits


Our soils health and land management is crucial to the sustainable farming model we are implementing.

We are analysing our soil to map how best to seed and feed our fields to produce the optimum grazing for our livestock. Manure improves soil fertility so no artificial fertilisers are used. We are reseeding our pasture to include forage legumes to the grassland to include cover crops will give improvements without Reliance on commercial animal feeds. Our Native rare breed are designed for the British weather allowing them to live outdoors all year around.

This method helps build soil carbon, increasing the nutritional quality of our meats and helps fight climate change.